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MWEB improves privacy and scalability on the Litecoin blockchain. It leverages the Mimblewimble protocol to enable confidential transactions, which obscure the amounts being transferred, while also allowing for the pruning of old data from the blockchain, thus improving scalability.

Enhancing Litecoin with Mimblewimble Extension Blocks (MWEB)

MWEB, inspired by the Mimblewimble protocol, enhances Litecoin by achieving two critical goals:

Confidential Transactions: MWEB introduces confidential transactions, concealing transfer amounts for heightened privacy and protection against certain types of spam attacks.

Scalability Improvement: MWEB addresses blockchain scalability by efficiently pruning old transaction data, reducing blockchain size, and ensuring a more scalable network.

Mimblewimble Extension Blocks work alongside the main blockchain, accommodating confidential transactions and pruning, while maintaining compatibility with existing wallets and services. This enhances interoperability and security without compromising Litecoin's robustness.

By leveraging Mimblewimble, MWEB strengthens Litecoin's privacy and scalability, advancing its overall efficiency and security.