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Litescribe Wallet

Litescribe Wallet is a trustless NFT wallet and marketplace extension for the Litecoin blockchain, enabling easy creation and trade of Litecoin-native digital artifacts without requiring a full node. It is user-friendly and continuously developed through reinvested fees, promoting the growth of Litecoin NFTs.

Litescribe Wallet: A New Era in Litecoin NFT Marketplace

The Litescribe Wallet, a refined version of the UniSat Wallet, marks a significant milestone in the Litecoin ecosystem. It introduces a novel NFT marketplace, expanding the boundaries of digital artifact trading on the Litecoin blockchain.

Breaking Ground with Litescribe Wallet:

Innovative Approach: Litescribe Wallet debuts as a unique NFT platform for Litecoin, leveraging the Ordinal Protocol to enable data inscription on the Litecoin blockchain. This groundbreaking approach redefines the role of NFTs in the Litecoin network.

Seamless Litecoin Integration: Focused on streamlining NFT transactions, Litescribe Wallet's integration with the Litecoin blockchain ensures secure, efficient, and fast dealings.

Accessibility and Ease of Use: As a non-custodial browser extension, Litescribe Wallet stands out for its user-friendliness, making NFT interactions accessible to a broader audience.

Empowering Digital Creativity: Litescribe enables users to craft and exchange distinctive Litecoin-native digital artifacts, adding richness and diversity to the Litecoin ecosystem.

Ongoing Development and Community Support: The reinvestment of fees into continuous development allows for the constant enhancement of Litescribe Wallet. Community support plays a crucial role in this development process.

Features of Litescribe Wallet:

  • Open Source and Secure: Litescribe Wallet is the world's first open-source Chrome wallet for Ordinals. It is 100% open-source, with its repository available here.
  • Non-Custodial: Your funds are yours alone. Litescribe Wallet never stores your seed phrase, password, or any private information on our servers.
  • Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet: Your accounts are derived from your Secret Recovery Phrase, ensuring that your private keys are encrypted on your device.
  • Privacy-Focused: The wallet does not track any personally identifiable information, account addresses, or asset balances.
  • Functionality: Supports storing, transferring, and inscribing Ordinals, and managing ltc-20s without needing a full node.
  • Import Accounts: Users can import accounts using single private keys, which will be labeled as “imported”.

For more detailed information, visit our official website:

Community Updates and Contributions:

Litescribe Wallet Availability: The Litescribe Wallet, a fork of UniSat Wallet, is now downloadable and installable manually from the following link. The Google Store extension is under review and expected to be ready in a few business days. GitHub Link

Litecoin Community Support: The Litecoin community has shown immense support for porting UniSat Wallet to Litecoin. A total of 17 Litecoin was pledged for this initiative. Notable contributions include 5 LTC from @indigo_nakamoto, 2.5 LTC from @lukewrightmain, 1 LTC from @johnez_ltc, 8 LTC from @MASTERBTCLTC, and an additional 1.5 LTC from @lukewrightmain.

Litescribe Wallet's launch is not just a technological achievement; it's a community-driven success, showcasing the collective effort and dedication of the Litecoin enthusiasts. Together, we are paving the way for a more innovative and inclusive digital future.