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Litecoin Foundation, Inc. Singapore (UEN: 201709179W) is a non-profit organization.

Litecoin Development Kit

A cross-platform library for building Litecoin wallets with ease.



Litecoin Development Kit (LDK)

The Litecoin Development Kit (LDK) is an ambitious initiative to bring the power and flexibility of the Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK) to the Litecoin community. With LDK, developers can easily build cross-platform Litecoin wallets, leveraging the core principles of the BDK while accommodating Litecoin's unique features.

What We're Aiming For:

  • LDK Core Library: The main library that will allow seamless creation and management of Litecoin wallets across platforms.
  • LDK CLI: A command-line interface (CLI) wallet library and REPL tool, designed to demonstrate and test the features of the LDK.
  • LDK FFI: As we're targeting cross-platform compatibility, we are also working on foreign language bindings for the LDK. This is currently experimental but holds promise for broadening the LDK's application reach.
  • LDK Documentation: Comprehensive, open-source documentation to assist developers in making the most out of the LDK.

Contribute to the Development

Even if Rust isn’t your forte, there are several ways you can contribute to bringing LDK to life:

  • Developers: If you're skilled in Rust, we need your expertise in porting and maintaining BDK for Litecoin.
  • Funders: Support the developers by contributing to the bounty and ongoing development funds.
  • Advocates: Help spread the word and keep the momentum going.

#Message Us

Open communication is paramount to the success of LDK. For real-time discussions, updates, and feedback, tweet @ltcfoundation using the hashtag #LTCDevKit. Dive in, share your thoughts, and let’s bring LDK to life together!