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Litecoin Foundation, Inc. Singapore (UEN: 201709179W) is a non-profit organization.
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Introducing Lite.Space: Crowdfunding Litecoin Development


Introducing Lite.Space: Empowering Litecoin Development, One Project at a Time!

Lite.Space is excited to unveil a groundbreaking platform accelerating Litecoin's growth and development. Powered by The Litecoin Foundation, a Singapore-registered non-profit (UEN: 201709179W), Lite.Space aims to drive Litecoin (LTC) adoption, education, and open-source innovation.

What is Lite.Space?

Lite.Space is the brainchild of The Litecoin Foundation, which is committed to supporting Litecoin Core contributors and open-source projects through sustainable funding. Here's how you can get involved:

Apply for a Grant: The Litecoin Foundation Lite.Space Council offers grants for innovative open-source projects that enhance the Litecoin ecosystem. Whether you're developing new Litecoin software, improving existing FOSS related to Litecoin, promoting Litecoin education, or conducting Litecoin-related research, you can participate in this transformative journey.

Programs: Lite.Space offers multiple grant programs to suit your project's needs:

  • Lite.Space Website Listing: Feature your project on our platform and attract potential donor support.
  • General Grants: Access quarterly grants from the Lite.Space General Fund will support impactful Litecoin ecosystem projects.
  • Long-Term Support Grants: Dedicate support to vital Litecoin framework projects, ensuring ongoing development and maintenance.


Join us in revolutionizing Litecoin's future by exploring Lite.Space missions. Discover exciting projects and find out how you can get involved.

Transparency & Impact

Lite.Space is committed to transparency and impact. Here are some key points:

  • Funds Distribution: We distribute funds from the general fund quarterly, prioritizing impactful Litecoin projects. Donors can recommend specific projects for funding, and while we consider these recommendations, the final decision rests with Lite.Space.
  • 100% Support: Every donation to the general fund and specific open-source projects goes directly to grant recipients.
  • Grants in Litecoin: Grants are provided in Litecoin, ensuring seamless support for Litecoin-related endeavors.
  • Secure Donations: We employ BTCPay Server and Electrum-LTC for on-chain Litecoin donations, with all contributions securely stored in a multi-sig wallet overseen by our council.
  • Tax Deductions: While we work on offering tax deductions for American Citizens, we currently do not provide this feature. For significant donations, U.S. citizens can reach out to support@Lite.Space.

Join us in revolutionizing Litecoin's future! Lite.Space is built on transparency, community-driven governance, and the unwavering support of Litecoin enthusiasts like you. Together, we'll light up the world of Litecoin development and adoption.

Stay tuned for funding opportunities, governance updates, and more! Let's make Litecoin shine brighter than ever before.

The Journey to Lite.Space: A Community-Driven Evolution

The inception of Lite.Space didn't happen overnight. It's the result of a journey that began with the Litecoin community's support and the dedication of key individuals. Building on this momentum, our journey culminated in the creation of Lite.Space. This platform represents a collective effort, a testament to the power of open-source collaboration, and the vision to empower Litecoin's development.

Bounties and Community Support

Bounty - Port Ordinals Lite: The journey commenced with a tweet in January that read, "5 $LTC to whoever ports this to #Litecoin #Bitcoin #Ordinals." The community swiftly rallied behind this bounty, with dedicated individuals like indigo_nakamoto, ryanwrights, MASTERBTCLTC, ChiefLitecoin, and finitemaz collectively contributing 22 LTC to transform it into a reality.

In February, thanks to the expertise of anthonyonchain, the Mimblewimble white paper was etched onto the Litecoin Blockchain as the very first Ordinals Lite inscription on February 17, 2023.

Explore the First Inscription

Bounty - Port Mempool.Space: The journey continued as we set our sights on porting Mempool.Space to Litecoin. The community came together once again, with generous contributions from indigo_nakamoto, lukewrightmain, johnez_ltc, anml_litecoin, nakamoto_std, FreezeMatthew, SadFrogLTC, CLINTWESTWOOD, DaddyCool1991, ROWEBOT3339, and TheLucifers_Son, raising a substantial bounty of 17.5 LTC.

Bounty - Port Unisat: The journey took another turn as we set our sights on Unisat, raising 18 LTC for the cause. Thanks to contributors like indigo_nakamoto, lukewrightmain, MASTERBTCLTC, and johnez_ltc, anthonyonchain once again played a pivotal role in completing this bounty.

Bounty - Port OpenOrdEx: We ventured into the world of OpenOrdEx, a zero-fee trustless Bitcoin NFT marketplace, and with contributions from indigo_nakamoto and lukewrightmain, totaling 7.5 LTC. This support allowed us to complete the fourth bounty with the help of jamesscaur.

The Birth of Lite.Space

LTCUnderground suggested the idea of establishing a non-profit organization, and Justin Ehrenhofer from Magic Grants offered valuable guidance. The vision expanded to porting and the concept of Lite.Space began to take shape.


The Litecoin Foundation has made this possible by the dedication and support of some incredible individuals and organizations. It all started when Justin and Grant shared their inspiring ideas, opening the door to this exciting initiative. Even though Justin and Grant are not directly part of Lite.Space, their contributions have been instrumental in shaping its vision.

Our journey is only complete with the invaluable support of the Litecoin community, the talented developers who completed the bounties, and the unwavering guidance of the Litecoin Foundation Council. Together, we've transformed ideas into action, leading to the creation of Lite.Space.

How to Reach Us

Have questions or need assistance? Contact us on Twitter at LTCFoundation and use the hashtag #LiteSpace.