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Litecoin Foundation, Inc. Singapore (UEN: 201709179W) is a non-profit organization.

About Alan Austin



Managing Director
Litecoin Foundation

Based in Los Angeles, California, Alan Austin is a dynamic professional with a diverse portfolio spanning the realms of cryptocurrency, real estate, and e-business. A graduate of the University of San Diego, Alan's entrepreneurial spirit and leadership acumen are evident in his varied roles over the years.

Since October 2019, Alan has been instrumental as the Managing Director at the Litecoin Foundation, contributing to its vision and overseeing its operations. His role here is a testament to his adaptability and ability to lead in the rapidly evolving world of digital currencies.

Parallel to his crypto endeavors, Alan has a significant footprint in the real estate industry. He founded Market Group Realty in August 2012, where he serves as the Broker and Owner. Under his guidance, the Santa Monica-based firm has flourished for over 11 years. Prior to this, he showcased his sales expertise as the Director of Sales at LRS Realty & Management, Inc., based in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Alan's journey in the professional world began with a focus on e-business. He managed e-business operations at Diversified Title & Escrow Company for five years. This was after a productive stint as Sales/Product Manager at Ocwen Financial Corporation / Ocwen Technology Xchange. Alan also co-founded Acquistar, Inc., where he was a partner for seven years, further showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess.

Whether it's pioneering initiatives in the crypto world, steering real estate ventures, or leading e-business projects, Alan Austin's multifaceted expertise makes him a notable figure in both the digital currency domain and the real estate industry.